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Halloween Raid with IIJERiiCHOII, OMGitsfirefoxx, & Staff!

Date: October 18th at 4 PST ; 7 EST

General Information:
Players will look to raid a Halloween themed castle with chests, loot, hidden secrets and other awesome things inside! It won't be that easy though... The castle will not only be protected by Firefoxx, Jericho, and the Sparkade staff team, but players can also kill each other!
There's also a little catch... Players will only have the ability to see 5 blocks in front of them. There will be lava traps and other dangers around the area, so be careful!

How to Play:
On October 18th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST, players can join the Factions section of the Sparkade server. After you join Factions, head to /warp raid. At the raid you will instantly lose your ability to see more than 5 blocks in front of you, and the battle begins!!

Once at the raid, only the center of the area will be claimed. That means that your Factions has the ability to claim land around the raid area. That is something you will want to do, as the only way to get in the castle is by blowing a hole in it with TNT. It won't be that easy as our guards (Jericho, Firefoxx, and Sparkade staff) will be there to try to stop you.

Please remember that players on the raid have the ability to kill you too! Not only do you have to look out for the guards and traps... you'll also have to make sure you stop the other players from killing you too! If your teamwork prevails and you defeat the guards and blow a hole in the castle, inside awaits loot, prizes and more!!

Also, of course there's also side prizes by killing other players and taking their loot, and drops from killing the guards too!

This will be updated once we begin to receive questions. Please post any questions you may have below!

We hope to see everyone...
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There is a recent bug that has been discovered on the factions server. Exploiting this bug results in duplicating items and awarding infinite numbers of said item. This is what has caused the shop change. We are currently working on a permanent change to the shop to encompass this bug and ensure it can not be exploited. Until then, the shop will stay as it is.

As for the bug itself, if you are caught using it or if we have sufficient evidence that you exploited it in the past, YOUR ENTIRE BALANCE WILL BE RESET. That being said, if you participated in the exploit and contact a staff member IMMEDIATELY, things will be much more in your favor.

Those that continue the bug exploits will be dealt with on a 0 tolerance basis. Any that continue the exploit after already having their balance reset will face bans.
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Hello Everyone,
I will be hosting a building contest with skywars maps over the next two weeks. The winner will get his or her map put into the map rotation on the skywars server.

There aren't any rules, except that the maps need to be 8 person free for all, with islands ringing a general center area. There also needs to be chests on the maps, generally a few on the starting island and then scattered about the center area. Items and gear does not need to be in these chests as they are determined by the plugin.

The maps can either be built on our own creative server or on your single player/multiplayer server. Note that if you choose to build anywhere off of sparkade, we will need the files of the world you built on.

Submit screenshots of the maps and attach them on a comment on THIS THREAD. Also be sure to include your In-Game Name and the theme, as well as any additional information you think I should know.

The winner(s) will be chosen in a couple of weeks, or as the maps are submitted. I will contact you directly through the forums if you are chosen. DO NOT CONTACT ME.

Good luck to everyone that participates! I hope to be blown away by these maps!
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Just some updates on the current version of 1.8 and how it is affecting the server:

At the time of writing this, 1.8 is extremely unstable and basically not suitable to run a server on, yet. Which means that we are currently running all versions fromn 1.7.2 - 1.8. However, the most stable versions are 1.7.2 and 1.7.5, so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use those two whilst on the server. Running 1.8 causes crashes when trading with villagers, as well as severe performance drops.

In addition to this, most if not all of our plugins are behind. There is nothing we can do to speed up this process, and we are left waiting on developers to update their plugins. The survival server is down as the main plugin that we run on it, Towny, has yet to be updated. On factions, mining spawners with a silk touch pick will not give the spawner as that plugin has not updated. Any other bugs found will be posted here.

Finally, due to the change in the way that player data is stored in 1.8, all enderchests and inventories of players were reset on 9/2/2014. There is no way we could have prevented this. NO ITEMS WILL BE REFUNDED. However, there may be some events shortly to give chances to get back some of the lost items. Stay updated on the forums about these.

On a side note, due to the now readily available forums, we will now be muting for all offenses that are reported to us, meaning you could be muted the next day for something you said the night before. Before, we would say that it was circumstantial and would have been acted on if any of us had seen it, but that is no longer the case.

Thanks for your patience while we sort out the updates.
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Welcome to the new official forums of Sparkade!
Please register and begin to post.

Anyway, here are some updates for everyone.

As of 10:18 AM est, all of our servers were updated to support 1.7.x and 1.8 logins. Unfortunately, this was a big update and caused some things to break. As of 9/2/2014, all players in factions have had their inventory and enderchests wiped. This was not something we planned on doing, rather something we were forced to do.
Towny is currently down, as there was not an update released for Towny as of yet. We will continue to seek an update. Once we have the updated version, it'll be released.

We have removed our online store, as we re-work our new ranks to comply with the Mojang EULA. Nothing will change, aside from the ability to buy items and commands that have an affect on the actually play of our games. These new ranks will be very appealing to all of our players. Please expect them by tomorrow, 9/3/2014.

After much thought, we have decided to deploy our own forums here for the server. The management team feels like this will be a more fit way to sort through issues, suggestions, and bring the community bonded together. These forums will be active from our staff team, we hope to see you guys and girls on here too!