by JMBrownlee at 6:47 PM
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The planned server-wide Scavenger Hunt will take place this Saturday (30th May) at 7PM BST. The hunt will begin in the hub where an outline of the rules and the first clue will be. Each clue will lead you to the next and will have a letter or number which you'll need to make note of to prove you have followed each of the signs to the end.

There will be some obstacles you may need to get around to acquire these clues and the winner will be rewarded with generous prizes.

Feel free to post any questions below and I'll hopefully see you guys on Saturday.
Good Luck! -JMB
by DoctorFeuer at 9:48 AM
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Hey guys,

There's been a few problems with Towny, as you've probably noticed if you are an active player there. Basically, Towny as a plugin has a really bad habit of eating its own files, and this ends up corrupting the world files. It's happened every time we have used the Towny plugin, which is unfortunate, but it is the price we have to pay for using such a great set up. It usually puts out a few months of great gameplay and then problems start to emerge. The lone before this world lasted the better part of a year, which i great. But this one lasted a little less. The world has been corrupted, so we have two options as far as I can see.

Option 1, we continue to try to save the world, with no guarantee that everything will be completely normal. This option will take quite a bit of time, and Towny won't be back for a little while because of it.

Option 2, we get a brand new world and maybe a couple of new plugins to make up for losing everything. This option could be done in less than a day if it is chosen.

Sorry that this has happened, I know everyone has worked hard on what they've built. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them below.
by PrimeMC at 2:59 AM
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Hey guys, currently we're having some issues with our Towny server. It'll more than likely be down till tomorrow afternoon, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Please be patient while we attempt to resolve this situation.
by DoctorFeuer at 5:06 PM
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Roughly 10,000.
Good things will happen at 20,000.
by DoctorFeuer at 9:17 PM
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Hey guys,
We're going to be having another skywars map contest. I had posted this a while back in the Creative section, but I guess it went unnoticed way down there. Anyway, the rules are pretty simple:
Make a map on your own world or on our creative server and then post screenshots of it in here and I'll take a look at them. I'll work with you to make them awesome and then they'll be put onto the server. I'll need the world files to put them on. If you are confused about where to get these from, I'll walk you through it when your map is ready to go.

The only requirements are that they be original and not copied from a different map, including those from other servers.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with,
by DoctorFeuer at 3:45 PM
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Hey Creative People!
We've decided that we would like to make a few changes to the creative server, and wanted to get some feedback from you, the players, before we make any changes.
Anyway, we were wondering how everyone would feel about a new creative world. It would essentially be a blank slate for everyone, and would include larger plot sizes than what we currently have. The only drawback is that any builds you have right now, you wouldn't be able to continue building on. We would put up an archived world with the world right now, which basically means you'll be able to look around the old world but won't be able to build on it.
Let me know what you guys think. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.
by DoctorFeuer at 3:52 PM
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Hey Everyone,
I had spoken about this a few weeks ago and it was delayed, but the creative plot wipe will be next Saturday at 12 PM EST. To preserve your plot, simply build on it between now and then and you'll be good to go. Any plots that have not been built on in the past 14 days will be deleted.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
by DoctorFeuer at 4:59 PM
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Hello Everyone,
On the eve of the event, I just have a few things to clarify and explain.

First of all, BE ON TIME! IF you do not make it to your match, you are not only disqualified but banned form all future 1v1 Tournaments as well. Plus, I won't like you then.

Second, the event shouldn't take much longer than an hour if that. The matches usually go pretty quickly once the rhythm is sorted.

Third, make sure you contact me if you CAN NOT make it to your match via a private conversation on the forums. If I don't hear from you by 9 AM EST tomorrow, you're obligated to attend.

Fourth, Fill-Ins. If you looked at the bracket recently, you will have noticed that there are already some blank spaces. These will be filled by anyone who wants to participate but who did not sign up originally. Anyone that does not show up to their match will be replaced by a fill-in. If you would like to be marked down as a fill-in, contact me tomorrow a few hours before the event and I'll mark you down.

Lastly, the reward. If you win the tournament, you get the awesome 1v1 tag that shows that you are the winner (and best pvper on the server). In addition to this, the winner will get the Member rank. If the winner already has Member, they will be given elite. If they have elite or higher, they will be given $25 in credit to be used in the store!

See you guys tomorrow, and good luck!
by JMBrownlee at 10:26 AM
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On Saturday 30th May Sparkade will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt event for all to enter. The event will start in the hub at 7:00pm GMT where a sign will be placed with a clue on it. This will then lead you to the next sign which will also have a clue and so on. Each sign will have a number or letter on it which you will need to take note of at you will be asked for the code at the end to prove you have followed all of the clues. This scavenger hunt will include all sections of the server from Factions to Skyblock and will test your knowledge of the server. Anyone who completes this event will receive a prize which will range from in game items to titles, drop parties and even ranks. There will be no need to sign up, just turn up on the day and make sure to be there on time as the prizes will be better for the earlier you finish. These details are subject to change and you will not receive any help regarding this event from staff members when looking for clues.
See you there
- JMBrownlee
by DoctorFeuer at 9:36 AM
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Post below your IGN to sign up for the event, as well as something along the lines of "I would like to sign up."

Do not post on this thread for anything except signing up. Do not sign up on behalf of others.