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Please post your current IGN as well as all past IGNs you have had. Do not post for anyone but yourself and do not ask any questions or post any comments on this thread.

IGN = In-Game Name
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It's that time again.

The 1v1 tournament will be held on Factions on the 27th of February (which is a Saturday) at 2 PM EST. The event will last roughly an hour to two hours, but do not be surprised if it lasts longer than that.

The general gist is there will be a 32-slot tournament bracket set up and we will move through the bracket using a single elimination format, meaning if you lose a match, you are out.

The winner receives the prestigious 1v1 tag as well as server renown as being the best 1v1er, and also a series of other rewards that will be announced closer to the event.

All participants will be given a set of diamond armor and a diamond sword for use in the tournament.

Please ensure you arrive at the beginning of the tournament to ensure you are present for your match. If you are late or otherwise do not attend your match, YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED AND BANNED FROM ALL FUTURE 1V1 TOURNAMENTS!

There will be a separate thread posted shortly where you can sign up for the tournament. All participants must sign up and by signing up, you agree to your obligation to attend the event.

If you have any questions, post them on this thread.

The following are banned from this and all future 1v1 Tournaments due to their failure to arrive on-time to their events. This is non-negotiable:


Timezone conversions: 11 AM PST = 12 PM MST = 1 PM CST = 2 PM EST = 7 PM GMT = 8 PM CET 9 PM EET
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During launch day today we had some unforeseen issues that didn't seem to want to show themselves during the BETA. Because of this some people lost money, items, etc. We had to take the server down so Froody and I can work on it. We should have it back up sometime tomorrow night. I wanted to make sure you all knew about this and that we are working hard to fix it. I would also like to make sure you know that if you bought anything like in-game money since reset and it was lost that it will be given to you again.

by DoctorFeuer at 10:33 PM
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Seeing as he is the owner of the server, I thought I'd just post that II_JERiiCHO_II aka Tucker has reached ONE MILLION subs on YouTube!

by Louis Martin at 5:33 PM
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We are pleased to announce that the Factions & Skyblock Beta are now live!

Anyone who is Legend and above, or won Beta Access, now has the ability to test out the new factions and skyblock servers before the official launch of 31st December for Skyblock and 1st of January for factions!

We look forward to seeing you test out the new plugins and we would like to hear your feedback. Please post any issues or concerns below.
by DoctorFeuer at 2:38 PM
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Hello Everyone!

In honor of the holiday seasons and all the festivities that are sure to ensue, we are going to be having a Holiday Drop Party on the 23rd of December at 2 PM EST (which is 7 GMT and 11 AM PST) on Towny.

Even though the event is taking place on the Towny server, not all of the items being dropped apply to Towny exclusively.

This will likely be the largest drop party we have ever done, and hopefully everyone will leave with something!

Among the items being dropped are:

  • Ranks! Donor, Member, and Elite ranks are all being dropped! If you get a code feel free to use it on yourself or on a friend!
  • Factions Beta Access. Normally restricted to YT$ and sometimes Uber, a few lucky individuals will find themselves able to beta test the new factions server that is launching shortly to help give us feedback.
  • Network Boosters
  • In-Game Items
  • McMMO levels
  • Care Packages
  • Store Discount Codes
  • In-Game Money
  • And much more
I hope to see you all there!
by TrueAngryYeti at 7:38 PM
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Alright guys I've been working hard on new features for this coming reset. One of the main things I'm trying to fix this time around is balancing the kits and economy. Now since this server is for you amazing people, I want your input into everything that may change.
Right now PVP is mostly fight until you run out of armor or gapples. I want to change this, so everyone can have more fun and enjoy the server. To do this it would mean changing kits quite a bit. Now the real main concern is balancing the new kits and also making them better. I personally think the best plan of action is to make it so ranks can only use their ranks kit and not theirs plus the ones from the ranks below theirs. Example: Instead of Member getting Kit Member and Kit Donor they would only get Kit Member. And make it so they can only be used every 48 hours (2 days). I know most of you probably hate me for saying this, but I feel it would enhance the experience in the long term. As well as making the overall enjoyment last longer so you don't get bored as quickly. This would make raiding more fun and common, enhance pvp, and allow non-ranks to not feel that aren’t completely out classed by those with ranks.
Currently what I need from you is feedback, anything and everything. Our goal is to make this server better than it has ever been and with your help I believe we can achieve that goal
Change isn't always bad, I promise!

EDIT: Also I forgot to mention if we change how often/ how many kits you get we will buff them accordingly. It's just if we make it so you only get your kit and not all the others I can balance them a lot better. So basically less kits doesn't mean worse loot from them. One YT$ kit will still be better then a Uber one. It's just it will be easier to balance

With hope for the future,
by PrimeMC at 10:58 PM
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First off I'd like to apologize that it's taken us awhile to get this problem situated, the issue has been resolved so it should no longer be able to be abused. We have a standing rule on our server, exploiting can and will result in severe punishment. We've went through our logs thoroughly to see what players have exploited this issue on Towny, we were able to deduce who was abusing and who was using the xp bottle command legally. Normally we don't put those being punished on blast but the list of players is lengthy and if anyone has any questions I wanted you to have a place to post.

The following players will be banned for 7 days from the entire server:

  • AlphaVG
  • V15
  • AjKeehnnVG
  • LuminorVG
  • LiverpoolRuleAll
  • zakalaka
  • The_Epic_Gaming
  • Garny
  • KappenMitchMC
The following players will be banned for 4 days from the entire server:
  • TealStone
  • CzarGreenVG
  • Ishaq
  • Dectom
  • BMXbiker46
  • Swiixxy
by DoctorFeuer at 11:36 AM
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Hello Everyone,
It's the moment you have all been waiting for! Towny launch is tomorrow,August 1st!
The launch is scheduled for 1 pm EDT (list of timezones to follow).
Be sure to come on with some version of 1.8 as Towny has also been updated to 1.8. There will be extensive tutorials posted tomorrow including all of the new plugin guides so that everything can go off without any pain.
Just a warning that when you go to create a new town, it claims the chunk you are standing on when you enter the command. Also, you can now claim right up next to another town, but you cannot do so without permission or your town will be deleted!
If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them in the comments below.
See you all tomorrow, and proceed to hype up!

10 AM PDT, 11 AM MDT, 12 PM CDT, 1 PM EDT, 6 PM BST, 7 PM CEST, 8 PM EEST.
To dumb it down even more, 10 AM If you are on the West Coast of the USA. 1 PM If you are on the East Coast of the USA, 6 PM If you are a Brit, 7 PM If you are in central Europe, 8 PM If you are in Eastern Europe.
by DoctorFeuer at 7:36 PM
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Towny is planned to relaunch on the 1st of August with brand new plugins and a nice shiny coat of brand new features.
Proceed to Hype in the comments.