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Hey Everyone,

As Towny is nearing it's reset, we wanted to know if there were any plugins that anyone wanted to see added to the reset in addition to what we had. If you have a suggestions, feel free to post it here, preferably with a link to the page of the plugin.
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Hey Guys,
With the imminent launch of Towny (date TBA) and the completion of the Towny spawn by the build team, I decided I should share some teasers of the spawn that we've been working on.
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Hello Everyone,

If you haven't heard it already, towny will be resetting in the near future. We do not currently have a date set for the reset, but we wanted to let everyone know ahead of time, just to keep you updated and aware. As this is an entire reset, nothing will be kept; this incudes money, towns, town ranks, skills, mcmmo levels, magic levels, items, echest items, etc.


We have a whole slew of new plugins and cool things we are adding to help towny feel a bit more unique and diverse in itself.

Keep an eye on the announcements for the date of the reset and announcements regarding the new gamemode that will be launching following the reset of towny.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
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Hey Everyone,

If you haven't noticed, the build team has been hard at work constructing new spawns for our current and future gamemodes. We have ideas already started for each of these, but what we don't have an idea for is a new hub. If anyone has any suggestions about what they want the hub to be themed as or ideas as to what we should include in the hub, I'd be happy to hear them.
If not, we might end up having Killer have his way *shudders*

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Here's the poll to vote on what gamemode you think we should add to the server! Feel free to comment or debate in the replies if you feel the need. The winning vote is no guarantee that that is what will be instated into the server, but it does help us gauge what the community as a whole is thinking and what they want.\
Thanks for helping us out!
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Hello Everyone,

We are looking to swap out Hunger Games on the server for a new gamemode, and we were wondering what you guys were interested in seeing. Post your opinions and what you want in this thread and then I will make a poll thread later this week with your suggestions. Feel free to debate the various options that other people suggest as well.

Also, remaking Hunger Games into something that works is an option as well if anyone is interested in it.
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So it has come to my attention that some of the YT$'s would like their chat color changed? I have posted this poll to gather your thoughts and opinions on the change, please take the time to answer the poll, Thanks in advance.
by PrimeMC at 11:22 PM
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Sparkades Public Discord is now open, you can join here:

You can use this to gain faster access to Staff for emergency situations, we still expect the community to use the forums for most reports.

You'll need an Admin to give you your rank.
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As many of you may be aware, 1.9 has now been released and some of you may be wanting to just stick to 1.8, simply because of Sparkade being in 1.8. If you are unsure on how to do this, then I'm here to let you know in just 3 simple steps.

1. Open Minecraft, and once the LAUNCHER is shown, click on 'Edit Profile' at the bottom left.

2. About a third of the way down on the following screen is a drop down menu labelled 'Use Version', of which you should open that and select whichever 1.8 version is best for you.


3. After that ensure that the correct profile is selected at the bottom left and then hit Play. Now you can head back over to Sparkade ;).

(Some players may find it best to create a new profile with 1.9 and 1.8 being on each; all you would do is click 'New Profile' and go from step 2.)
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Hello Everyone,

I wasn't really sure where to put this post, but I figured here is as good as anywhere. Anyway, if you didn't guess it from the title, this is my 1000th post on the forums! I thought I should do something special and memorable for the post, seeing as it's a pretty notable mark. If you don't care about anything else I have to say, now is a good time to stop, the rest of the post is just me rambling on. With that being said, I just wanted to talk about my experience being a member (and a moderator) with the Sparkade Community as a whole so far, and maybe a bit of sappy reminiscing in there as well.

I first joined Sparkade a day after it had its first beta launch way back two years ago in February of 2014. I mostly stuck to creative during the opening days of the server, building whatever came to my mind and even drawing the attention of Tucker a couple of times with it (even though looking back at what I built, I'm kind of embarrassed). I effortlessly no-lifed the first week of the server, and I couldn't really understand why until I looked back upon it a while later. I found myself drowning hours and hours into the server, something that I hadn't done with Minecraft for several years, thinking that surely it was just as boring as it used to be. I couldn't understand why I kept coming back, until I realized that there was something special about Sparkade: the people. Everybody that played on Sparkade in the first few weeks shared a common interest; Tucker. We all knew about the server because of him, and we all wanted to play on the server to support him. It allowed everyone in the community to instantly bond and have something in common. That, coupled with the fact that the community was, and still is, an awesome group of people made me realize that I could really see myself fitting in here. I made it my own personal interest to try to help out new players to the server feel as at home as I did, tried to make sure they were enjoying everything as much as I was. I would welcome everyone, show them how to get started, offer my (very meager at the time) building advice, and even try to help out if there was any conflict (which there wasn't much of, creative people are great <3). Anyway, my efforts appeared to not go...