by T0mmyMC at 6:50 PM
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You may have noticed that the suggestions and ideas, as well as the appeals sections of the forum have been altered and wiped. This is just to make things a bit more organised and easier to read in the future. From now on suggestions and ideas for a specific server no longer need to be added as a reply to threads I made a while ago, instead you can make them within the necessary section, within the suggestions and ideas category as a single thread. Similarly to the appeals, they have been separated into bans and mutes, to make things more organised and easier to deal with.

by T0mmyMC at 10:42 AM
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There hasn't been much going on lately for Sparkade and the reason for that is because a full reset for Sparkade is currently in the works!

Just for some basic details, players will still keep their ranks etc, just every game mode will be getting a reset, as well as the addition of at least 2 more game modes.

I have no idea when this will all be completed, there is still plenty to do, I just thought I'd let you all know what's happening. So stay tuned for upcoming dates and announcements.
by T0mmyMC at 4:41 PM
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Hey everyone,

This message is a call out and reminder to people who enjoy and are good at building to think about joining the build team. The build team is always looking for applicants to aid them in creating various builds for the server. If you think you have what it takes, please consider producing an application in the creative forum section ( Remember to use the appropriate format, shown in a thread at the top of the section.

by T0mmyMC at 9:55 AM
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I have recently implemented some quests into Towny, giving players a challenge to complete them. The rewards for the Quests involve money and xp, but more importantly a Quest point. As it is early stages there is only the one Quest NPC, Sir Killalot, which has a few quests on him, visit him to find out more. Meanwhile more quests will be added over time and this should hopefully help with small events and things. Referring back to the quest points, get stocking up, because these will need to be gained to unlock different Quests later on!
by DoctorFeuer at 9:38 PM
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Just a small taste of what we made. This spawn actually turned out to be one of my favorites that we've ever made.

I was going to attach them but apparently they were too large, so...
by T0mmyMC at 6:13 PM
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A skyblock reset is coming to a Sparkade Server near you!
This is an official announcement for a Skyblock reset, but also a call out for any final ideas and suggestions the community has before the official launch. Comment all of the woots and hurrah's, as well as a 'hey this'd be cool...'. Suggestions may reinforce what I have put in, but also give me ideas for new stuff that I haven't already got.
The Reset will be on Saturday 28th January at 2pm EST / 7pm GMT.
There are new features and removed features from the previous Skyblock, as well as completely revised challenges! Stay tuned for any teasers during the week.
I look forward to seeing you all in hub for the relaunch!
by T0mmyMC at 1:39 PM
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Sparkade is having a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING in the store for the 2016 Holidays! It will be running from December 25th (00:00 EST) to January 1st (00:00 EST).

Visit the store at

Merry Christmas!

by DoctorFeuer at 11:28 AM
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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that there should be a major change coming in the next few days that will hopefully breathe some fresh air into the server; I'll let you know when it happens. Also wanted to let you know that no, we haven't given up on the server.

by DoctorFeuer at 12:01 AM
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Now that we've established that at least some people use the forums, let's have a little chat.

The server hasn't been very populated recently, with the most I've seen on at one time being 15 (this was just my observation once. I'm not on as much as I used to do to college work, so there could be more that I didn't see, but this is what I saw.) This makes me sad.

That being said, if you guys have any ideas or suggestions on how to get more players onto the server or how to make people's time on the server more fun, I'm open to any suggestions. These could include event suggestions, fundamental server philosophies, advertising ideas, witch trials, etc.

Hopefully we can get some more people on the server soon, and have everyone having a more enjoyable experience while they are on the server.
by DoctorFeuer at 11:03 AM
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I'm curious as to how many people actually use the forums.

If you wouldn't mind, please respond with how actively you check the forums. I have a couple of ideas that I want to post, but if nobody is looking at the forums, there isn't much a reason to.